REVEALED: Behold the New “Owner” of Shoprite In Nigeria, Tayo Amusan



The incoming new owner of Shoprite Retail chain in Nigeria has been revealed.

Lagos businessman and property mogul, Mr. Tayo Amusan, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Persianas Nigeria Limited is said to be in pole position to clinch the majority shares of the Shoprite brand across Nigeria.

Mr. Amusan is merely threading on familiar ground as he is already and existing stakeholder in Shoprite retail business across Nigeria.

He founded Persianas in 1990 and in 2004, he launched, The Palms, the owners of the Palms Mall in Enugu, Ota, Ibadan and Ilorin all of which are already housing the Shoprite group in those locations.

The property mogul sits on the board of several other Nigerian companies, including African Paints Nigeria Limited, and he is also the chairman of Resourcery Limited, a high end Lagos based ICT and communications outfit.

EPARLIAMENT learned that the management of Shoprite has already decided to go with the Pesianas group as it says the company has shared “vision” with it. Two other investors had earlier indicated interest in buying into the Shoprite group but Mr. Amusan’s company came out as preferred bidder.

According to an internal memo signed by the General Manager  of the retail group, Carl Erickson,  Shoprite Management informed its employees that the revision in the business in Nigeria was to make the company ‘’truly Nigerian,” company.

The memo read:

“The expansion of the retail business in Nigeria to a greater consumer market should remain everybody’s shared vision. It has, however, become apparent that the best manner in which to do this is by engaging Nigerian investors who share in this vision. In so doing we will be creating a truly Nigerian business run and owned by Nigerians for the Nigerian market.”



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