NASS Legislative Aides and Tales of Unfulfilled  Promises



It’s crystal clear that legislative aides serving in the National Assembly has become endangered species. Their plight in the 8th National Assembly is in the public domain and was characterized by several petitions, unrests and demonstrations as a result of unpaid allowances and lack of training.

With the exit of the immediate past Clerk to the National Assembly, Mr. Ataba Sani Omolori and coming on stage of Arc. Olatunde Amos Ojo as the Acting CNA, it is becoming clear that legislative aides may have shouted eureka too early.

The out-gone CNA after “dealing” with legislative aides of 8th Assembly, proceeded to unleash the same treatment on the 9th Assembly aides. He withheld their 1st 28 days allowances, and also salary arrears of some aides after paying some through undetermined selection criteria. Legislative aides were among those who shouted hurray when Mr. Omolori was finally forced into retirement in May 2020.

The new Acting CNA promised a new dawn for everyone. Before the House Services Committee investigating the non payment of salaries and allowances of legislative aides, Olatunde Ojo together with the Director of Finance promised to offset the payments within a month. This was just before the National Assembly went on recess on 23rd July, 2020. The said promise has remained as at now, mere promise.

Why we are grateful for the various actions taken by the National Assembly Service Commission and Presiding Officers who gave us a sense of belonging, we are not happy on the continuation of unfulfilled promises which reign supreme in the 8th Assembly under the supritendency of Ataba Sani Omolori.

A hungry aide is definitely an angry aide. We cherish the ongoing industrial harmony and we beseech all and sundry to reach out to our esteemed Acting CNA to do the needful by fulfilling the promise he made to the House Services Committee.

National Assembly Legislative Aides Caucus

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