Hackers Let Loose DSTV,GOTV Channels, as Anonymous Says ‘I’ll Not Abandon #EndSARS’

The Website of MultiChoice Nigeria, the owners of DSTV has been hacked by the Cybersecurity and hacking group Anonymous. With the site hacking all the channels of DSTV and GoTV have been “let loose” to all subscribers irrespective of their bouquet bundles.

Anonymous in a tweet earlier today said that it will continue to take down websites of Nigerian government and other businesses in Nigeria to show that “Nigerian government falls short in the cyberspace.”

He said: “Website will continue to go down and leaks will continue to pour, the Nigerian government falls short in the cyberspace.

“They don’t fear ‘Anonymous’ they fear youth and overall they fear a united Nigeria that exists in the streets and beyond hashtags. That is the power’

In another tweet, Anonymous said, “The money that will be wasted  on operation Crocodile Smile VI is better suited to pay the victims of SARS and the brave protestors  hurt by old corrupt men clinging to power.”

To cap it, Anonymous declared in another tweet that “Anonymous will not abandon the #EndSARS movement as it grows stronger by the day.”

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