Gowon Denies Stealing “Half of CBN,” Fails to Challenge British MP for Evidence



Nigeria’s former dictator, Yakubu Gowon has denied the allegation leveled against him by a member of the British parliament, Tom Tugendhat that he had escaped from Nigeria after the counter coup that removed him in 1975 “with a half of Nigeria’s Central Bank.”


Gowon made the denial while speaking with the BBC on Wednesday.


Gowon described the accusation as “rubbish.” Tugendhat had alleged: “Some people will remember when General Gowon left Nigeria with half of the Central Bank, so it is said, and moved to London.”

In his response, however, Gowon said:

 “I don’t know where he got that rubbish from, I served Nigeria diligently and my records are there for all to see”.

“What the MP said was just mere ridicule and I don’t know as to where he cooked up such statement. I served Nigeria as much as I could and my achievements during those years are available to everyone.

“I don’t want to talk over the matter since those who know me very well say that the MP’s statement is nothing but a mere fallacy”.

Despite his denial, Gowon did not challenge the British lawmaker to come up with any evidence to back up his accusations.


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