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Gov Umahi to Appointees, Give Us 6 Months Notice Before You Resign or Pay Govt

The Governor of Ebonyi state, Chief David Umahi has introduced yet another innovation into the Nigerian political system, a policy requesting political office holders in the state to give the government a six (6) months notice in an event that they would want to resign their appointment with the government.

The new policy is sequel to yet another “pragmatic” policy of the Umahi’s government whereby interested party members and loyalists who wish to be appointed into political offices in the state are made to apply for whatever position they may want to occupy.

The application policy of the government covers both the senior and junior political offices ranging from Commissioners to local government offices.

Umahi introduced the policy at the inception of his second tenure as the 3rd Executive Governor of Ebonyi state after his landslide victory in the 2019 general elections.

Politicians and technocrats who had ambition of joining his government were mandated to apply for the offices they wished to occupy detailing their pedigree and how such pedigree would impact their offices in line with the policies of Umahi’s government.

In the new policy, governor Umahi in the application document released in Abakaliki on Monday seen by EPARLIAMENT required all those to be appointed to sign a “bond” that they will give the government a six (6) months notice if they want to resign from the government or pay the government the equivalent sum of their salaries before they could resign from the government.

This policy is the first of its kind in Nigeria’s recent political history.

EPARLIAMENT reported that governor Umahi sacked about 1000 of his aides whom he had accused of dereliction of duty two weeks ago.

The new application policy is an opening for those who were sacked whom he has given a second chance to join his government. Among those affected by the new policy are Executive Assistants (EAs) Senior Technical Assistants (STAs) and Technical Assistants (TAs).

Governor Umahi is perhaps the governor with the highest number of aides in Nigeria of today. His government is reputed to have achieved superlative milestones in infrastructural development in Ebonyi state.



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